Campaign to tackle bullying is underway


Written by Natasha Bourke. This week marks Anti Bullying week across England with the main focus being on empowering children and raising awareness for people who are being bullied. The theme for this year is ‘Make a noise about bullying’.

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NUS launch ‘roadmap’ for free education

The NUS argues that education should be free and financed by progressive taxation.
Photo: CollegeDegrees360 via Flickr

The National Union of Students today put forward proposals for how university education could be made free to students.

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Candidates overspend in SU Elections

SU. Photo: Tom Larken

With the SU elections over, many questions have been raised over how much each candidate spent on their week-long campaign.

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Take back parliament by taking to the streets

Take to the streets in Lincoln on May 15th to support the campaign for electoral reform Photo: London Permaculture

Do you want your votes to count? This is a chance to get electoral reform seriously on the agenda, so we’re holding a demonstration in Lincoln.

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Know your balls — Check for lumps

The University of Lincoln rugby team aren't shy and nor should you be. Check for lumps. Poto: Anneka James

A fact about testicular cancer that is often overlooked is that it is most common in young and middle-aged men.

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Free speech campaign

The University of Lincoln’s Students’ Union is trying to limit the extent to which they can be held to account.

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R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for breast cancer awareness


The Linc’s Style editors worked with eleven University of Lincoln students in a revealing photo shoot to raise awareness over breast cancer, now the most common form of cancer in the UK.

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