WATCH: The LincSport Show (13/10/2016)


WATCH the LincSport Show.

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LincSport Talks: Who will win the World Darts Championship?

Our writers think Michael Van Gerwen will win the Darts World Championship. Phot: Flickr via: sachab

The World Darts Championship is underway once again this year and our LincSport team discuss who they think will the tournament.

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Plans for 2016 Lincoln Festival of Cycling announced

Cycling schemes have taken off across the UK, so why is cycLIN struggling? Photo: FreeFoto

For many sports fans, the city of Lincoln’s sporting dynamic is defined by something other than the occurrences associated with Lincoln City Football Club.

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Why are ‘minority’ sports ignored by the media?

Should Golden Horns victory have been publicised more? Photo: Flickr via Paul

In a world of tough media competition, and immense pressures for the best pictures, the shocking headlines and the most views, clicks, or sales, it’s no surprise that media outlets worldwide have been forced into a frenzy of panic, sometimes leaving quality and variety further down their priority list than statistics.

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