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University of Lincoln
Professor Mary Stuart, vice-chancellor of the University of Lincoln, has said she “would be loathed to see students have to pay more” but following the proposals a spokesman for the university described a rise in fees as “almost inevitable”. The university has already had to close an entire campus due to funding problems.

Karl McCartney
Conservative MP Karl McCartney is Lincoln’s representative in parliament and has expressed his support for the coalition government’s plans. Describing the plans as a “compromise”, he said: “The taxpayer is not an everlasting piggy bank available just for students’ or Higher Education funding.”

Lincoln Students’ Union
Lincoln SU is strongly opposed to any rise in tuition fees and has been campaigning against them locally and nationally with the NUS. Chris Charnley, president of the SU, has backed what he calls a “much fairer and progressive system” proposed in the NUS blueprint, which suggests a graduate tax — and has been highly critical publicly about Karl McCartney.

The National Union of Students has been leading a national campaign against the plans. Aaron Porter, president of the NUS, described the plans as “devastating cuts to teaching”, saying: “The Government have provided no reassurance that requirements on access, employability, quality or the student experience would be any more effective than they are now.”

Coalition Government
The proposals to rise fees comes after Lord Browne’s report, with the coalition government backing the hike to £9000, often describing plans as “progressive”. The Liberal Democrats, particularly Nick Clegg, are facing criticism for breaking an NUS pledge signed by every Lib Dem MP to oppose any rise in fees.

December 8th – Final Lincoln protest
Following the march on November 24th, Socialist Students Lincoln are organising another demonstration on the day before the final vote. The march leaves Grantham Street at 1pm on Wednesday, before marching to the university campus.
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November 24th – March through Lincoln
Around 200 students, staff members and schoolchildren protested in Lincoln to march the second national day of protests. Protesters marched from Castle Hill to the university’s SOAP Centre, where a rally was held. The event was organised by Socialist Students Lincoln and was backed by the Students’ Union.

November 10th – Demolition London
An estimated 50,000 protesters, including around 300 from Lincoln, descended on London to protest against the proposals, however the NUS and UCU backed march and rally was partially undermined by violent incidents at Millbank Tower, where the Conservative Party are based.

  • Key points

    • The government is proposing to allow universities to charge students as much as £9,000 per year.
    • The current level of tuition fees is £3,290. The standard cap on fees would be raised to £6,000.
    • To charge up to £9,000 a university would have to fill certain criteria for encouraging students from poorer backgrounds to apply.
    • The new plans would come in to effect from 2012.
    • The Liberal Democrats are facing criticism for going against pledges to oppose any rise in fees.
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