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Latest episode

The nominations are closed and it’s time to meet the people who are hoping to get your vote over the next week in the SU Elections 2011.

In this special edition of The Linc Weekly podcast, listen to interviews with the candidates and find out what they stand for and how their proposals stand when held to scrutiny.

Download the podcast (.mp3)

Voting for the elections opens at 9pm on Monday, March 14th and you can read the candidate’s manifestos online and over the next week read profiles and the latest updates and analysis of the campaigns here on The Linc, leading up to a special live video show on Monday, March 21st as the results come in.

The Linc Weekly: SU Elections special was produced for Siren 107.3FM by Jonathan Cresswell, Charlotte Reid, Liam Juniper, Marcell Grant, Carly Norton and Emma Greatorex.