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3D films – are they really worth the extra money?

Are 3D films here to stay or just another fad? Photo: Phill.d via Flickr

3D films have the premise of making our cinematic viewing more involving, and giving us the wow factor. But is it really the future of all films, or is it just a fad?

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Tron enters the third dimension

tron thumb

Tron Legacy has hit the big screen but how does it measure up? Joel Murray reviews the much anticipated sequel.

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Over a century-old cinema keeping it reel

In a cinematic world of 3D and bank-breaking popcorn, a few small cinemas are still keeping the flicks nostalgic. Stephanie Bolton went to Kinema in the Woods to investigate.

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Is Sky 3D taking television in to the next dimension?

3D television  Photo: LGEPR

It’s the natural progression of technology but is 3D worth the thousands you’ll spend? Siobhan Gallagher gives 3D a quick test drive.

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3DS: Nintendo’s next dimension of gaming

There’s a big change with the next Nintendo DS as it introduces 3D gaming without any glasses. Jonathan Cresswell tests the new console.

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Shrek series ends happily ever after

After a poor third outing, the green ogre goes back to his fairytale roots in “Shrek Forever After”, a fairly predictable 3D family film.

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Nintendo announces glasses-free 3D handheld

The latest version of the Nintendo DS released is the DSi XL. Photo: Nintendo

The next revision of the Nintendo DS has been revealed. The Nintendo 3DS will be the first handheld to include 3D gaming without the need for any special glasses.

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