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SU stands by NUS over its lobbying to cut student grants

NUS president Aaron Porter asked the government to cut student grants instead of raising tuition fees, revealed the Telegraph. Lincoln SU stands by Porter.

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The truth behind the furore around the NUS demo

Marcell Grant, The Linc‘s reporter, was one of the 50,000 in London for the NUS and UCU demo on Wednesday, November 10th. He offers a different perspective on the day’s events.

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Audio: The Demolition rally speeches in full

Listen to the full speeches from Aaron Porter and Frances O’Grady from the Demolition 2010 rally on Wednesday, November 10th.

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University of Lincoln fees rise ‘inevitable’

Going to university in 2012? Start saving now, because you’re looking at the prospect of £9k fees. The University of Lincoln has already said it will be charging more.

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NUS elect new president Aaron Porter

Whilst at their national conference the NUS vote Aaron Porter as their next president, replacing Wes Streeting.

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