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National Running Day 2016

Running might not be for everyone, however June 1 marks the country’s National Running Day. So we got Natasha Bailey to talk us through the health benefits that it brings.

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Do we really know how to charge our smartphones?

Our smartphones are our pride and joy and life without them can be especially tough. Like when, for example, the battery dies.

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Summer to autumn fashion transitions

How to work your wardrobe all year round!

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New Lincolnshire advice service pledges to help students

Lincs2Advice logo

Finding advice in a new town can be “very difficult and time consuming” for students, according to the Lincolnshire Advice Network, who have launched a simple new advice service that brings together over 250 organisations.

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Q&A: How to get into fashion journalism

Written by Alex Dade. Alison Taylor has worked for many top fashion magazines, some that people could only dream of writing for. Now a freelance journalist in London, Alison has a broad portfolio of titles she has contributed to as well as big names she has interviewed.

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Top 10 student beauty New Year’s resolutions

Written by Alex Dade. At the end of every December,  people vow to make a New Year’s resolution and hopefully stick to it.  Every year we make the same vows; eat healthier, go to the gym more than once a month, and eat less chocolate, to name a few of the more commons ones.

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The third year worries: stress less and unwind

Stressed about the amount of work this year? Then you’re not alone. Take a deep breath and read on for stress-busting tips.

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Your style dilemmas solved

The Linc‘s style team is helping to solve readers’ style dilemmas. We start off with a couple of your concerns on fresh outfits and online student discounts.

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