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Love is a battlefield

Nathan celebrating Christmas in Afghanistan.  Photo: Property of Nathan

Long distance relationships are hard, but how does it feel when your partner goes away for six months at a time — to war?

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Allan Little: ‘information is part of the war effort’

Allan Little spoke at the University of Lincoln on Tuesday, October 4th, about what it's like being a war reporter. Photo: Tom Farmery

Allan Little, veteran award-winning BBC war reporter, spoke at the University of Lincoln about the challenges facing modern war reporters.

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International award for tutor’s radio documentary

Sam Pidoux won two awards for her documentary that played out on Siren FM over Christmas. Photo: The Linc

Sam Pidoux won two international journalism awards for her documentary “Love letters from home”, which followed her father’s time whilst out in Afghanistan.

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Martin Bell on Afghanistan and a Lincolnshire uprising

Martin Bell was a war correspondent for the BBC and was injured by shrapnel while reporting on the Bosnian War. Photo: Anneka James

Martin Bell talks to Shane Croucher on why Afghanistan is unwinnable, and what affect the expenses scandal may have on the voting public.

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BBC’s Vin Ray on storytelling and freelancing

Vin Ray, visited the university on Thursday Photo Anneka James

Vin Ray, director of the BBC’s College of Journalism, spoke to Tom Farmery about reporting safely, freelancing, and storytelling when he visited the University of Lincoln on Thursday.

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John Pilger Interview Exclusive

John Pilger, world-renowned journalist, visited the University of Lincoln earlier this month to receive an Honorary Doctorate of Arts. The Linc exclusively interviewed Mr. Pilger to find out his views on the Ruso-Georgian conflict, the future of American politics, censorship, propaganda and the evolution of the University of Lincoln.

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