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Do we need alcohol to enjoy a student night out?

Photo: Kimery Davis/ Flickr

It’s not a secret that the most exciting time of your student experience would not be the studies you did, but the drunken nights you can’t remember.

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The Lincoln student who went sober for October

Natasha Bailey managed to complete the Go Sober campaign!

The Go Sober campaign lasts for the whole of October and requires participants to take a month-long break from alcohol in order to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

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Sexual harassment happens on every night out, say 43% of students

Do you need alcohol to have a good night out? Photo: Jekert Gwapo

More than two-fifths of students who experience sexual harassment say it happens every night they go out, according to research commissioned by alcohol responsibility campaign Drinkaware.

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Student recommends giving up alcohol


One university student who took part in Dry January reveals the benefits and effect it offered her. Caitlin Lyth reports.

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Dry January: The benefits of not drinking

Having non-alcoholic drinks could be the way forward

Believe it or not but new research shows that Dry January and cutting down on your alcohol intake could produce health benefits.

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Christmas Cocktails

Credit: Simon Swatman, Flickr

Written by Caitlin Lyth and Rebecca Marrow. Learn how to be merry and celebrate the season with this cheeky cocktails.

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Halloween Cocktails

Cheap and cheerful cocktails are the way forward. Photo: Caitlyn Lyth and Rebecca Marrow

Written by Rebecca Marrow and Caitlin Lyth Halloween will soon be fast approaching and we all know what that will mean. Costumes, most definitely and parties are also very likely.

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Helpful Hangover Tips

Credit: Pixabay

Tired of feeling ill after a night out? Read Emma Tinson’s tips on how to survive the morning after a night out!

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Increased tuition fees have sobering effect on student boozing

Men are unaware of the dangers and long-term effects of heavy drinking. Photo: Doug88888

A survey has revealed that third year students are hitting the town more often than freshers. John Fernandez reports.

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Minister wants minimum price on alcohol to curb binge drinking

. Photo: Canadian Veggie

The government are proposing a 45p minimum price per unit of alcohol in a bid to curb binge drinking and reduce alcohol related crime and deaths. Åsmund Løvdal reports.

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