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Another SU restructuring following AGM

The All Students Meeting took place in the EMMTEC. Photo: The Linc

All motions were passed at the All Students Meeting as well as the SU reporting “all time high” voting figures, despite an appalling turnout of just over 300 – around 3% of the student population.

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The SU circus returns for the mid-term tour

A collection of posters you may or may not have seen around campus. Photo: Maken Eetup / The Linc

Unrivalled insight and analysis to the event you didn’t know you cared about as special elections correspondent Maken Eetup looks at the SU by-elections.

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Why the Students’ Union?

The Students' Union - why do we need it and what does it do? Rob Wells critiques the effectiveness of our union. Illustration: Mike Schofield

Rob Wells, The Linc‘s former news editor, critiques the Students’ Union as an institution and asks that all important question – why should anyone care about the SU?

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