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“We are at risk of losing our ability to think on our own”

Recent Lincoln graduate Laura Roe fears the arts are being lost from our education as the number of young people studying arts for their GCSEs.

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Frequency Festival Day Four – Preview

Written by Angeline McCall. This Sunday the Frequency Festival will continue with an ample amount of festivities throughout the day to entertain anyone in Lincolnshire. All the vibrant colours, performances, and installations will continue the theme “Revolution”.

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Frequency Festival Day One – Preview.

The second bi-annual Frequency Festival took off in Lincoln last night. This year, the festival aims to show audiences how technology affects the ways they interact with the world around them.

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Lincoln gets its first digital culture festival

Lincoln’s first digital culture festival will have events and exhibitions to appeal to a wide range of age ranges and a wide range of people and their experience of art.

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Performing arts grads slate course

Performing arts students have tarnished an otherwise good result for the University of Lincoln in this year’s National Student Survey.

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