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Charity on an empty stomach

Written by Asmund Lovdal A University of Lincoln society is collecting food for charity during a month of fasting.

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Euro candidates to be grilled at live debate

Written by Åsmund Austenå Løvdal. In a bid to help young voters make up their minds Siren FM are hosting a live debate on Friday 9 May at 7.30 pm in association with The Lincolnite. The radio station now look for people to be part of the audience and ask the candidates questions.

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Lincoln protests over zero-hour contracts

Written by Åsmund Løvdal. Activists from the Youth Fight for Jobs campaign protested against the use of zero-hour contracts and for a higher minimum wage outside McDonalds on Cornhill on Saturday 29 March.

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Changes needed, claims foreign council candidate

Written by Åsmund Austenå Løvdal. A campaign is under way to make the migrant voice heard in British politics.

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University’s Christian Union in Mission Week

Written by Åsmund Løvdal. Jesus, doughnuts and Narnia; the Christian Union kicked off their annual Mission Week last Monday February 23.

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University of Lincoln raises awareness about Islam

Written by Åsmund Løvdal. Last week the Islamic Society launched its Discover Islam Week 2014 with the aim to educate students about the religion.

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