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Review: BBC1’s “The C-Word”

Becky Lancashire reviews “The C-Word” – a moving documentary featuring actress Sheridan Smith portraying one woman’s journey with cancer.

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The Rise of Blogging in Lincoln

With adverts claiming to make your lashes bigger than the Empire State Building, your skin as perfected as a baby’s and your mane as delicious as Cheryl’s, it’s hard knowing who and what to trust these days.

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Blogging creates ‘buzz’ for Lincoln

Lincoln is in a list of top ten of universities with positive online coverage. This emphasises the importance of blogs in Lincoln creating a ‘buzz’ about the institution.

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Can you really get fitter with Twitter?

The new ‘tweet-what-you-eat diet’ may sound a fun way to lose weight, but is it safe? Stephanie Bolton gives it a go.

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Your blog: personal diary or portfolio?

Blogging is becoming an increasingly popular way of sharing thoughts, opinions, and work portfolios. Stephanie Bolton found out why people blog and what they write about.

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