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Brayford freed from moss phenomenon

The Brayford Pool has finally been freed of a mysterious murky moss-like carpet that had stretched over the southern end of the water.

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Come dine with us? How small restaurants are fighting back in Lincoln

While the Brayford Waterfront is dominated by chain restaurants, there are other options on the menu in Lincoln. Lucy Vince investigates.

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Library Bar to become baby room for nursery

After being left bare since September, the former Library Bar has found a new use – as part of an on-campus nursery.

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Hilton hotel coming to the Wharf

Hilton are to begin developing a new hotel on the Brayford Waterfront, contributing to the Brayford Wharf’s ‘continuing regeneration’.

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Access of information failure for SU elections

The 2010 SU elections saw five positions unfilled and unconstested. Jack Dobson looks at the possible reasons why this happened, and what it means for the groups affected.

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