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How to keep fit on a budget

Becky Lancashire provides her top tips on staying fit on your student finance.

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Charity Shop Tricks

Being a student doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t buy clothes often or that you have to wait for the sales to afford anything!

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Top 10 for £10 – beauty products

Being a student means you’re often strapped for cash, which when you want to make a good impression, can be an absolute nightmare. Luckily for us, all of these products are available to buy in Lincoln today and they’re all around £10.

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Hair tutorial: three steps to volume

Written by Lauren Farmer. Flat hair that just sits on your head can be a frustrating problem. Finding the right balance between using enough product to make a difference, whilst not overloading it can be infuriating.

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Keeping fit on a budget

Photo: Oleg Klementiev

Written by Tanya Puk. Are you a student who wants to exercise but cant afford the costly gym membership? Fear no longer. Here are the five top tips of exercising on a budget.

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Timeless pieces needed in your wardrobe

You’re a student. The word ‘budget’ can be intimidating, especially as it’s hard to cover the cost of your rent and food, let alone be able to provide any treats for yourself.

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How to celebrate Valentines Day on a budget

Valentine’s Day can be an expensive time for couples. Emma Unwin provides some tips on how to save money, while also being romantic.

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Buying Christmas gifts on a student budget

Worried about buying Christmas presents with your remaining student loan? Sarah Beane has tips on how to shop this Christmas.

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The £20 food shop challenge

The Linc set two writers the challenge of only spending £20 on food for a week. Read on to find out how they did…

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University of Lean-coln: how will cost cutting affect the university?

The University of Lincoln is bracing itself for Lord Browne’s Higher Education spending review, the results of which will be published on October 20th.

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