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Ouch, VAT hurts! Students will suffer from tax rise

George Osborne displays the budget box before announcing plans to slash spending. Photo: The Prime Minister's Office

As George Osborne’s emergency budget was announced, little was given away about higher education – but there was still reason for students to sulk.

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Student Council: bursaries, printing and NUS delegates

The seventh Student Council of the academic year saw follow-up plans to bursary cuts, inequality between staff and students on printing, and two NUS delegates were elected.

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Cut your coat according to your cloth

The University of Lincoln helped out students who were caught up in the loans problems last year. Photo: Mike Hodges

Mike Hodges opines that the bursaries cut coming next year is a valuable lesson is life, where in the current economic climate everyone has to tighten their belts.

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Death knell for university bursaries

Bursaries for all but the poorest of students are set to become a thing of the past next semester, as the University of Lincoln looks at ways to save money after harsh education cuts.

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