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How to prepare yourself for the transition from student to working life

Do you know what the scariest thing about being at university is? No, it’s not the workload and deadlines! What’s scarier than that is knowing that the end of your student life is approaching very fast…

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Why is work experience so important for your career?

work experience office (Photo: EG Focus via flickr)

Liam O’Dell explains why work experience is more than just making cups of tea.

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Fighting fit – why going to the gym may help your job prospects

Photo: Oleg Klementiev

Going to the gym has never been better!

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The key to regretting ‘rien’

From education to health, most people regret something. The Linc look at whether they are healthy and how you can live your life without regrets.

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Students exploited on work experience, new study shows

A new study shows that less than one third of students get a worthwhile experience during a voluntary work placement, while the rest are usually turned into tea servers.

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Help yourself and the community with volunteer work

Volunteer not only looks good on your CV but has a positive impact on the community and the University of Lincoln SOAP Centre can point you in the right direction.

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