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Relationships and university: the perfect match?

Whilst it might seem depressing to be on your own on Valentine’s day, being in a relationship at university is sometimes not the right way to go.

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Not-so-fresh freshers

From casual sex to heavy drinking, Tamsin Bickley explores how our attitudes and behaviour change once we become freshers.

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Creating a cultural ‘Carnage’

Ashley Brown blames it on the ‘Fun Police’ for highlighting the actions of a few inglorious individuals who create a folk-devil out of a fairly standard situation.

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(Just another) Carnage [Voices]

Yet another Carnage bar crawl descended upon Lincoln, but Jonathan Cresswell doesn’t share the enthusiasm with other revellers — mainly more on practical values.

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In review: biggest stories of 2009

Traffic spikes, controversy, and floods of comments — we look at the biggest and most popular headlines to grace our front pages in 2009.

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Carnage fails to live up to its name

Carnage came to Lincoln on November 9th, without actually bringing any carnage to the city, much like the previous event earlier this year.

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Lincoln Carnage date and theme are announced

Lincoln’s most controversial bar crawl is back for another event. The details for this year’s Carnage have finally been released.

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Councillor on Carnage: ‘it’s only about profit’

Karen Lee, Lincoln City Councillor for the Carholme Ward, has reacted to the news that Carnage will be staging another event in Lincoln.

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Carnage returns to Lincoln

Popular yet controversial student bar crawl Carnage is set to return to Lincoln, which could cause yet another backlash from city councillors.

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