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The SU’s “Agenda”, or real accountability?

The Students’ Union claims that their officers are “pushing to make themselves more accountable than ever before”, this is exposed as a blatant lie as they attempt to stifle outside questioning.

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The Students’ Union: Scrutiny when it suits them

What do you do when you can’t control the press? Give yourself a mandate to stop talking to them. Lincoln’s SU are trying just that. If you believe in true accountability, read on.

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‘Some secrecy is necessary’, says DA-notice Committee secretary

Air Vice-Marshal Andrew Vallance of the The Defence, Press & Broadcasting Advisory Commitee came to the University of Lincoln to tell students why media self-censorship helps national security.

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Prof. Brian Winston on freedom of the press

We have restricted speech for a variety of reasons – state security, protection of identity of minors, obscenity and so on. Publication of facts and opinion, nevertheless, are not in any sense generally limited unless incitement to illegal acts can be proved — and that, as numerous court cases have shown, is still far from easy.

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