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Chlamydia: do you have it?

Facing a fresher-fuelled boom in STI’s, Lincolnshire health workers will be looking to tackle the growing problem throughout Friday night this week.

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Should STI testing be compulsory?

Students talking to The Linc welcome a proposal to force people to take STI tests, though there are still some that think the measure is a bit drastic.

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Sports Council: New teams, reorganisation worries, and Tower Bar trouble

The latest Sports Council saw two new teams officially recognised and concerns were raised that sports could be neglected with next year’s SU reshuffle.

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Chlamydia: UK’s ‘favourite’ STI

One in 12 people in the county are infected with Chalmydia. Do you know how to keep safe?

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Taking the Chlamydia test

The Linc’s Lifestyle editor Alex Colman, was challenged to take the Chlamydia test with his new girlfriend to find out if it really is so simple.

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STI alert: Avoid brief encounters

One out of ten 15-25 year olds are affected by Chlamydia and the best way to deal with it is to be open and honest.

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