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LIVEBLOG: Lincoln council election updates

Polls have now closed after thousands of Lincolnites went to elect a whole new set of city councillors.

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Lincoln community project marches onwards

A Lincoln community project to restore one of the city’s largest parks has only £250,000 left to raise.

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Campaign aims to quiet streets

Shush campaign logo sprayed in pink upon the pavement on Carholme Road (Picture: Gregor Smith)

The Shush campaign has moved onto “phase two”, which includes spraying the campaign’s logo on West End streets.

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City centre alley could be gated and locked, council propose

St Peter's Passage, Lincoln (Photo: Gregor Smith)

A passageway in Lincoln city centre could be gated and locked following anti-social behaviour, City of Lincoln Council have proposed.

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Elections 2015: your local candidates

The general election is now less than a month away, but who can you actually vote for in Lincoln?

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Anonymous letters against Article Four are “reprehensible”, say councillors

anonymous Article 4 letter

Anonymous letters distributed in the Carholme area, warning residents of a house price crash if an Article Four direction were implemented, have caused outrage amongst city councillors and permanent residents.

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Article 4 still up for consultation

Local legislation that would see restrictions imposed on the number of properties converted to student homes still has an uncertain future.

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Avoid debt this Christmas with new council campaign

The Money Shop, Silver Street, Lincoln

It is well known that students are prone to suffer from debt throughout their university life, especially during the festive season when there is pressure to buy gifts, food and decorations.

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SU: housing restrictions would have “greater economic impact” on Lincoln

street in the West End of Lincoln

Despite stating in January that restrictions on student housing and other multiple occupancy households were “unlikely to happen”, now SU President Brian Alcorn is having to deal with the issue of an Article Four direction again.

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Further delays? Lincoln footbridges could be postponed again

level crossing at Brayford Wharf East

For pedestrians in Lincoln, there is only one thing more frustrating than being cut off and having to wait at the level crossings – and that is the news that the long overdue footbridges planned to be built across them could be delayed once again.

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