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Inside: Pimento Tearooms

Photo: Emily Braybrooke

What would you say if you were told that at the age of 28 you’d still be working in the same place you worked when you were 14? Emily Braybrooke finds out…

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Inside: Bunty’s Tea Room

Photo: Emily Braybrooke

It has won many awards and is a favourite for both locals and visitors. Becky Lancashire takes us inside Bunty’s Tea Room.

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6 independent coffee shops you should visit

Photo: jen/ Flickr

There is a miracle brown elixir that will fix all your wintry problems, and make you feel all warm and cosy inside. Sadly rum is frowned upon on a Monday morning, but coffee is not!

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The Top Three Independent Coffee Shops in Lincoln  

A barista at Coffee Aroma in Lincoln.  Photo: Samuel Cox

Coffee is now a popular trend in society, so here is Catherine Jones’s top recommendations for the best 3 coffee shops in town.

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How fair is your fair-trade coffee?

A barista at Coffee Aroma in Lincoln.  Photo: Samuel Cox

Shane Croucher looks into whether fair-trade coffee is actually a better deal for both consumers and producers, after local coffee shop claims it’s counter-productive.

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