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Quirky Easter baking ideas

Easter is a great time to get a little bit more creative in the kitchen. Photo: James Petts/Flickr.

It’s Easter time, when the frost melts, the flowers bloom, and everything warms up. Including your oven.

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Foodie Friday: the perfect lasagne

Photo: Gloria García/ Flickr

Lasagne is a great meal to make for a group of people, or just for yourself when cooking in bulk. Try out this relatively easy recipe. The time you put into it is definitely worth the wait when you taste the end result!

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Get cooking in the student kitchen


Catherine Talbot provides a fresher’s guide to some easy student meals.

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Student Cook of the Year Competition

Stirfry can be really healthy for you. Photo: Kelly Pyart

Do you reckon you have what it takes to be the Student Cook of the Year? Alistair Berry tells us more.

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Simply Stir Fry!

Stirfry can be really healthy for you. Photo: Kelly Pyart

Stir Fry’s are not only tasty but also very healthy, simple and quick to make.

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Seven Step Sweet Chilli Salmon

Credit: Lewis Woollard

Learn how to make this scrumptious serving of salmon with a spicy twist with Lewis Woollard’s quick, simple recipe.

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Fresh-ers food tips

Pasta Credit to : Emma Tinson

Emma Tinson gives us some handy pointers on how to create simple and affordable meals whilst at university!

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Student cooking made easy peasy, ‘Lemon Squeezy’


Sick of Pot Noodles and beans on toast? A website is providing students with cooking alternatives. Laura Crouch reports.

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MasterChef winner offers students cookery master class

Tim . Photo: David Wriglesworth

MasterChef winner, Tim Anderson, gave students at the University of Lincoln a cookery demonstration. David Wriglesworth went along to see him cook up a storm.

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The £20 food shop challenge

Many students spend over £20 on their weekly shop, could you spend less? Photo: Anneka James

The Linc set two writers the challenge of only spending £20 on food for a week. Read on to find out how they did…

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