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Police issue bike theft warning

Lincolnshire Police issued a warning to the public yesterday, following a significant rise in the number of stolen bikes reported over the last few days.

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Are you a target for student crime?


Now freshers week is over and you realise you no longer have your parents to cook your meals and tidy up your mess, you are forced to face the big scary world of independence.

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Police appealing for information following assault

Lincolnshire Police are appealing for information after a man was attacked by a group of men. David Wriglesworth reports.

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Student burglaries in Lincoln on the rise

New figures have revealed that student burglaries in Lincoln are increasing. John Fernandez found out more.

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Keeping people and property safe in Lincoln

Lincoln is better known for its nightlife than its crime rates, but is it as safe as you think? Stephanie Bolton looks at the hidden dangers and the unsung heroes.

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Large increase in penalties for anti-social behaviour in Lincoln

Just how many penalties are being issued for anti-social behaviour in Lincoln and how signicant has this risen in the past five years?

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Carholme Ward sees a sizeable drop in crime

The Carholme Ward has seen a drop in crime from October to November, but crime numbers for the year have risen slightly.

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West End crime rate drops drastically

Crime figures have fallen sharply for the West End, in comparison to the same period last year. But Lincolnshire Police are advising students to keep on their toes with security.

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Lincoln hosts week-long Book Festival

Lincoln shall be playing host of a five day book festival featuring authors from across the country.

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