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‘Dab-uation 2016’: how ONE Lincoln student celebrated graduation in style

If you know what dabbing is, you’ll find this video HILARIOUS. If you don’t you’ll be really, truly confused. Here’s a video of what a care-free Lincoln student did to celebrate his graduation.

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“We are at risk of losing our ability to think on our own”

Recent Lincoln graduate Laura Roe fears the arts are being lost from our education as the number of young people studying arts for their GCSEs.

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Candoco dance turns 20 in Lincoln

It’s 20 years of dance for one of the UK’s biggest contemporary dance groups. Candoco brought their birthday celebrations to Lincoln with three specially commissioned pieces.

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Dance and drama at the Edinburgh Fringe

A group of current and ex-students from Lincoln performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer in a variety of dance and drama performances.

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Bringing ballet to bumpkins

The Cha-cha-cha and the quickstep might be more common across the ballroom floor but ballet dancing is seeing a resurgence this year.

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