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Student Council Chair slams Students’ Union for failing to act

Amanda Davidson, the chair of the Student Union’s Student Council, has hit out at the Union for failing to act before deadlines set before the Council.

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Tallying the SU team: Daniel Hutchinson

Daniel Hutchinson’s term as the Students’ Union’s President is almost up. The Linc looks at whether he’s been able to fulfil his manifesto pledges.

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Election Night — hugs, tears and plenty of beers

The Linc’s special reporters bring you exclusive photos, highlights and impressions from the SU Elections 2009 Results party in the Tower Bar.

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Eye on SU President candidates 09

The Linc caught up with this year’s candidates for the University of Lincoln Students’ Union President position.

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SU gives results as NUS votes on reform

Voting was held between 9am Monday 10th November and 12pm Thursday 13th November with the results announced on the 14th.

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September around the world with Daniel Hutchinson

Let us not, then, dither over decisions that are key to our future. Let us not take for granted our prospects. Instead, let us be positive as we set off on another year. Let us go forth to making the best of our year.

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Beddoes: The ex SU President speaks

Being an SU officer is more like part politician, part holiday rep, part businessperson and part student. Not one day at work is ever the same. One day you can find yourself making new friends and partying in the Engine Shed, the next you are wearing a suit and attending the Board of Governors.

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University of Lincoln scores high in student satisfaction

Students at the University of Lincoln have rated their courses among the best of any university in the country, according to a national student satisfaction survey.

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The shape of things to come

The face that emerged from this year’s elections is Daniel Hutchinson. He worked his way up with a decent manifesto and a subtle campaign, and as a bit of an extra, with his old school conservative dress sense.

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