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The NUS Debate: Is there a bigger question to be answered?

Lincoln SU advice centre (Photo: Gregor Smith)

Voting for the NUS referendum began on Monday, with the University of Lincoln Students’ Union asking for a second time if it should remain or leave the national organisation. On Monday night, the official campaigns argued their case in a debate. Liam O’Dell, The Linc’s News Editor, gives his take on the event…

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No sign of blue at the green debate

The Tories couldn’t field a representative at the green debate at the University of Lincoln on April 22nd, where two of Lincoln’s PPCs discussed green policy.

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Why don’t politicians talk about immigration?

Immigration is an issue that divides opinion across the country and Lincoln is no exception. As an area that’s had an influx on eastern European migrants, what do the election candidates think?

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Have students lost their activism touch?

The most surprising thing for Mike Hodges was not that so few students turned out to protest against the debts they are forced to incur, but that any of them turned up at all.

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Does religion cause all of today’s problems?

An event marking Inter Faith Week took place on Thursday night, which raised some interesting and important questions for debate.

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Is it art just because artists say it is?

The Lincoln Art Programme was kicked off by a panel debate at the Greestone Centre which discussed the relevance of “art-jacking” as a form of live art.

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