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7 student meals you need to learn to cook

Looking after your diet while at university can be a challenge for even the most independent students, so Tessa Snart is here to help us all!

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10 steps towards a happier, healthier you

Healthy living is important, but can also seem unappealing to those who don’t have much time to spare.

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Dry January: The benefits of not drinking

Believe it or not but new research shows that Dry January and cutting down on your alcohol intake could produce health benefits.

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A Calorie-Controlled Christmas

Becky Lancashire tells us to indulge into the festive season.

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Living with Diabetes: The diary of a diabetic

Olivia Peace suffers from Type 1 Diabetes and she gives some insight into what a typical day is like for her.

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Ditch the noodles with The Backpacker’s Kitchen

A new book offering money-saving recipes and advice, takes noodles and takeaways off the menu for travelling students.

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Grazing the way to a better lifestyle

Imagine getting a healthy snack delivered to your door every day? Well that’s exactly what the company Graze does, and we speak with one of the co-founders about the goodness inside.

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