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Customising clothing on a budget


Written by Dan Featherstone. With all that Christmas shopping you still need to buy, you simply can’t always afford to breathe new life into your wardrobe.

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Customising clothing: transferable t-shirts

Dan shirt

Written by Dan Featherstone. Okay, so you’ve spent all the money you’ve saved during the holidays. It’s gone on vodka Red Bulls on a Friday night and takeaway pizzas after numerous failed attempts at that lasagna recipe your mother reminds you has been passed down the family for generations.

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DIY face masks: beauty on a budget

Eric Skiff

Written by Jess Watt. With the combination of little sleep, a poor diet and stress from the endless amounts of university work, it’s likely your skin may suffer.

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Halloween outfits on a budget

halloween outfit

Written by Saskia Ashton. Halloween at university is a mass of house parties and themed nights at clubs. This always leads to a rush for a last minute costume, and on a student budget, it can be hard to find a store-bought outfit that fits your needs.

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How to: Halloween nails


Halloween is just a few days away – if you’re not in the mood to dress up on October 31st, then how about celebrating with painted nails?

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Spooky skeleton make up tutorial

Skeleton collage

Written by Brigid Farrell. Halloween is here, meaning it’s time to put on our costumes and paint our faces to deliver the fear factor.

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Halloween puppet make up tutorial

shaina collage

Written by Emma Everitt. Here’s a step-by-step guide for those of you who fancy getting hands-on this Halloween and recreating this spooky puppet look.

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