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Seven reasons to try ‘Dry January’

As students, we’ve ALL got exams coming up or essay deadlines looming. So, to keep your head clear, here are seven reasons why you should give ‘Dry January’ a shot.

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Tasty Halloween treats that will tickle your tastebuds

Halloween is here, and what better way to celebrate than with some festive food and drink? Holly Trueman & Kit Vickery are here with some kitchen inspiration for us.

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Increased tuition fees have sobering effect on student boozing

A survey has revealed that third year students are hitting the town more often than freshers. John Fernandez reports.

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Minister wants minimum price on alcohol to curb binge drinking

The government are proposing a 45p minimum price per unit of alcohol in a bid to curb binge drinking and reduce alcohol related crime and deaths. Åsmund Løvdal reports.

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Real ale festival to get the drinks flowing

A nationwide real ale festival begins today, taking place in three venues across Lincoln. Aaron Faunch reports.

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Blind drunk – the risks of vodka eyeballing

Vodka eyeballing, the new dangerous craze sweeping through universities across Britain, not only makes you drunk, it can even leave you blind.

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Fire safety campaign targets drunk students

Students who cook after drinking are being targeted in a new campaign to prevent fire incidents after at least one severe incident last year.

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Students face university expulsion over Nazi-themed drinking game

Two students are at the centre of controversy, as a Nazi-themed drinking game they invented on Facebook was reported to their university.

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