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Has Lance Armstrong’s reputation been destroyed forever?

Following the allegations of cheating, has Lance Armstrong’s reputation been destroyed forever? Lucie Henson reports.

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Acceptable in the ’80s

Drugs, alcohol and excess was all part of being in a rock band in the ‘80s. Rebecca Caroline examines why 30 years later things have changed.

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Lincoln City Council staff blunders revealed

Scandal is engulfing the Lincoln City Council after it emerged staff have been falsifying timesheets and sexually harassing colleagues, among other things.

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Meow Meow’s ninth life is up

Following its connection with the deaths of two Lincolnshire teenagers, the legal high mephedrone, otherwise known as Meow Meow, has been banned since Monday, April 19th.

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Mephedrone: UK’s favorite new drug

Mephedrone is a new legal high beginning to cross clubs all over the UK. Candi Hindocha looks into the new drug, and the dangers behind taking it.

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Young girls protected against cervical cancer

The cervical cancer vaccine, known as the HPV jab, has been given to more than a million young girls in the UK. While there has been some concern, the jab is extremely safe.

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‘Smart drugs’ aren’t so clever

The use of perscription drugs as study aids has been criticised by the Director of Student Services at the University of Lincoln.

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Don’t talk to Frank

Alcohol causes about 15,000 deaths per year, whilst Ecstasy causes just 30. Should we stop listening to the politicians’ anti-drug advice?

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