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We tried the GBBO Jaffa Cake recipe – and it’s officially amazing!


The majority of people are still full of emotions over the Great British Bake Off so, to keep up the good spirits, we decided to give one of the technical challengers a go by making the GBBO Jaffa Cakes!

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Foodie Friday: Taco wrap


This meal is perfect as a treat for the weekend – it’s tasty, it’s colourful and it’s super easy to make! Theresa Sande tells us how we can make a delicious taco wrap.

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Tasty Halloween treats that will tickle your tastebuds

Photo: Liliana Fuchs/ Flickr.

Halloween is here, and what better way to celebrate than with some festive food and drink? Holly Trueman & Kit Vickery are here with some kitchen inspiration for us.

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7 student meals you need to learn to cook

Photo: themonnie/ Flickr.

Looking after your diet while at university can be a challenge for even the most independent students, so Tessa Snart is here to help us all!

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A beginner’s guide to Lincoln: Food

Photo: Michael Stern/ Flickr.

Lincoln is flooded with lots of wonderful places to eat out as well as plenty of places to buy ingredients to do your own cooking. Here’s our food guide to help you get started.+

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The £20 food shop challenge

Many students spend over £20 on their weekly shop, could you spend less? Photo: Anneka James

The Linc set two writers the challenge of only spending £20 on food for a week. Read on to find out how they did…

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