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Opinion: Devolution is best for Britain

Photo of Cameron and Salmond

The Scottish Independence Referendum has sent shockwaves around the rest of the United Kingdom and has opened up a whole new debate about a UK-wide devolution settlement, writes Kamran Hussain

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Old school Johnson ready to scrap with Osborne?

Alan Johnson, the brazen-faced man who bears the scars of hard knocks, is now shadow chancellor. But is he ready to tackle the Coalition’s cuts?

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Ed Miliband does not represent change

Ed Miliband is being held up as a potential saviour of the Labour Party. He is seen as distant from the New Labour many came to hate, but how far from them is he?

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Ed Miliband should be Labour’s next leader

Scott Wheeler thinks Ed Miliband should be the next leader of the Labour party and leader of the opposition, and outlines exactly why.

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