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Students get ready to “find their feet” in job market

With high unemployment rates, how do prospective graduates feel about their chances in the world of work? Carly Norton finds out at the Find Your Feet event.

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Students’ Union to once again employ own staff

The Students’ Union have announced that they will once again take over control of their own employee’s contracts from the university.

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Lincoln students Dress for Success with Mark Heyes

Celebrity TV stylist Mark Heyes shared his top tips for dressing for interviews on Monday, November 15th at fashion event Dress for Success.

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Selling yourself: become a walking billboard

Young people are the ones worst hit by the recession, but Mike Hodges has a few handy tips for how to better yourself in the job market.

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Students exploited on work experience, new study shows

A new study shows that less than one third of students get a worthwhile experience during a voluntary work placement, while the rest are usually turned into tea servers.

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Students forced to work to afford living costs

Nearly half of all students need to undertake paid work while at university in order to afford the costs of living and studying, according to a recent survey by the NUS and HSBC.

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How to recession-proof your CV

It seems your course on its own won’t be enough to get you a job at the end of your studies. Here are a few extra things you can do about it.

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Recession hits graduates hard

2009 graduates face a difficult year for job prospects but may have to be prepared to put aspirations of high salaries to one side in order to build up experience.

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