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Coffee House Sessions: Tom Prior

‘It’s a long day’ as Tom Prior described his time touring the UK, 5 days and 11 shows into his tour the man expressed his weariness. But Tom’s aura and character spoke otherwise and was an absolute delight to speak to as The Linc caught up with him on the 7th of March, when he […]

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Track Spotlight: Teriyaki – Get Inuit

I have bad news for champions of Japanese food – ‘Teriyaki’ is not a song based on the beautiful art of oriental cooking. Instead, it’s another string to Get Inuit’s ever expanding bow.

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re:View – Parkay Courts: Tally All The Things You Broke

Album review by Sonny Drake The new EP from New York’s Parkay Quarts shows the band both doing what they do best and moving into some new weird, but interesting, places. As on their debut, the record shows the band offering up their mix of the eclectic punk-rock of the likes of Minutemen and the […]

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