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I quit social media for a week – and here’s what happened

“I quit social media for a week” is a pretty bold statement to make by today’s standards, but Janeen Harding thought she’d find out just how hard it really is.

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Students’ Union Facebook profiles disappear over Facebook policy change

University of Lincoln Students' Union building

The official Facebook profiles of three Students’ Union sabbatical officers disappeared over the weekend as a Facebook policy change came into effect.

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Suggestive Facebook statuses raise breast cancer awareness

Written by Kelly Pyart. A series of mysterious Facebook statuses are sweeping across the social network site in order to promote awareness of breast cancer.

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Controversial Facebook page rates people in the bedroom

A Facebook page which allows users to rate people in the bedroom has caused controversy. John Fernandez reports.

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University responds to ‘confessions’ Facebook page

The University of Lincoln has responded to a Facebook page which has been causing a stir among students and staff. David Wriglesworth and John Fernandez report.

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Why 1,000 Facebook friends won’t make you happy

Although on social networking sites it may look as though we have over 300 friends the truth is very different as Robin Dunbar spoke about at the university.

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Fincher’s clever Facebook film

Everybody knows about it and just about everybody uses it — so a film about Facebook seems inevitable, but can it work? Joel Murray reviews “The Social Network”.

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The rise of the Facebook campaigns

As an increasing number of charities and campaigns turn to Facebook for support, social networking sites look set to become even more influential.

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New part-time jobs advertised on Facebook

With jobs few and far between, many students struggle to fund their university lives – but now there are 50 potential new jobs in Lincoln.

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Student Council: officer blogs, new building and discrimination

Heated discussion on SU officer blogs, confusion over the new Business and Law Faculty building, and efforts to quell discrimination against students with difficulties were the big topics of the 9th Student Council.

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