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‘Festival’ ends as temporary cabins dismantled

The last of the cabins providing temporary accommodation at the university have been dismantled after permanent housing was found for all students.

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Delph Gardens temporary cabins site dismantled

One of the two temporary accommodation sites at the University of Lincoln, Delph Gardens, is being dismantled – but only “one or two” students moved in to the 42 cabin site.

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Lincoln’s cabin crisis? Life inside the bunkabins

As space ran out in the city, we speak to the people living in cabins who tell us what life is really like inside them… and the university responds to their issues and complaints.

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Accommogeddon is only the beginning

Maken Eetup, cardboard box correspondent for The Linc, gives his unique and harshly worded take on the accommodation situation in the city.

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Second site for temporary student village

A second temporary student village is being set up on campus – meaning “just under 200 students” will be living in the various bunkabin cabins across Delph Gardens and Festival Gardens.

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Students react to Festival Gardens: ‘a shack in the car park’

The first residents of the University of Lincoln’s temporary student village, the Festival Gardens, have moved in – but whilst some freshers are taking it in good spirits, others aren’t happy with their “box with a bed in it”.

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100 cabins expected for temporary ‘Festival Gardens’ site

88 students will be able to stay in the temporary student village on Sunday, with a total of 100 of the dual-occupancy cabins expected to be on site by next week – but the university is not apologising for the situation.

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