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Review: Inferno (2016)

Tom Hanks latest thriller sequel that crashes and burns. Photo: Imagine Entertainment

Something always bothered me about the tin-foil-hatted way in which classic art and literature is made to be part of a super-secret puzzle that only one person in the world can solve.

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Review: The Girl On The Train (2016)

This film adaptatiopn hasn't quite struck a chord with movie goers. Photo: Universal Studios

This year Paula Hawkins’ thriller novel The Girl On The Train got the Gone Girl treatment but didn’t quite have heads turning for the same reasons.

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Review: Creep (2014)

The official poster for the film Creep starring Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass. Photo: Sony pictures Entertainment

Found Footage films are an odd genre to discuss. On one hand, these kind of films can be a fairly interesting and effective way to bring across a greater sense of reality and energy to proceedings.

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reView: Paper Towns

Paper Towns is a film written by John Green, the author behind last years’ madly successful tearjerker The Fault in Our Stars. Ben Stockdale reviews.

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re:View – Only God Forgives

Only God Forgives fan artwork. Photo: Spr2 (via wikimedia)

Only God Forgives, which is a good job as Drive fans may never forgive Director Nicholas Winding Refn for this beautiful disaster.

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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ to critics’ expectations

Christian Bale stars in the third instalment of the Batman trilogy. Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

“The Dark Knight Rises” is the final instalment in the Batman trilogy– but does it live up to its expectations? John Fernandez went to see the film.

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The tale of a chameleon with no identity

Rango blending in with his surroundings. Photo: Paramount Pictures

Rango is a tale of an ordinary chameleon who accidentally ends up in a lawless outpost that is in need a sheriff, Samantha Coombes reviews the film.

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Generic romcom with ‘No Strings Attached’

No Strings Attached offers a standard romcom experience. Photo: Paramount Pictures

‘No Strings Attached’ is the latest romcom to hit the big screen but is it worth a look? David Wriglesworth reviews the far from simple love story.

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The King’s Speech is moving and majestic

“The King’s Speech” has received international acclaim as Colin Firth has come from Mr Darcy to King George VI struggling with a stammer, his brother abdicating and the emergence of World War Two.

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Black Swan, a dance film like no other

Black Swan is a psychological thriller about the lead role of The Swan Princess. Photo: Fox Searchlight Pictures

A terrifying but elegant look at the ballet classic The Swan Princess as Natalie Portman tackles her own worst enemy – herself. Emily Howard reviews the film.

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