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Art is “an experience, not an object,” says London gallery owner

Art is more about social relations rather than being a single object, according to Ruth Catlow, co-founder of Furtherfield, a London based arts organisation that critically evaluates digital culture.

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Alternative Freshers’ Fayre to appeal to art lovers

Lincoln Performing Arts Centre

Art-driven students are being encouraged to get involved within the Lincoln arts community, with an alternative freshers’ fayre to be held during Freshers Week.

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Frequency Festival Day Four – Preview

Written by Angeline McCall. This Sunday the Frequency Festival will continue with an ample amount of festivities throughout the day to entertain anyone in Lincolnshire. All the vibrant colours, performances, and installations will continue the theme “Revolution”.

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Frequency Festival 2013 launches in Lincoln

Written by John-Paul Dickie. The second Frequency Festival launched last night in front of crowds at The Cornhill in Lincoln.

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Frequency festival returns to the city

Frequency Festival returns on Friday, with a whole host of artists and exhibitions across the city.

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Lincoln gets its first digital culture festival

Lincoln’s first digital culture festival will have events and exhibitions to appeal to a wide range of age ranges and a wide range of people and their experience of art.

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