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Scouting For Girls make a triumphant return to Lincoln

Scouting For Girls is, for many, a band that brings back memories of the early noughties and the old-style mp3 players. A group that has written songs everyone knows and secretly loves to sing along to.

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Alternative Freshers’ Fayre to appeal to art lovers

Lincoln Performing Arts Centre

Art-driven students are being encouraged to get involved within the Lincoln arts community, with an alternative freshers’ fayre to be held during Freshers Week.

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Social Anxiety: The effect it can have on Freshers

Rebecca Marrow explores the possibility of how social anxiety could be eased if there were more options available during Freshers.

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Fresh-ers food tips

Emma Tinson gives us some handy pointers on how to create simple and affordable meals whilst at university!

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‘Quack’ to replace cancelled ‘Get Brained’ club night

After seemingly sparse complaints about the name of a planned club night, the Students’ Union have come up with a new event with benefits for student activities.

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5 Minutes With… The Loveable Rogues

Elaine Brown also contributed to this report.  Just How Loveable are The Loveable Rogues? They’d definitely give puppies a run for their money on the loveable scale.

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The beauty products that will get you through university

Freshers week has now been and gone and whether you’re a seasoned professional or an actual fresher, settling down into what university is actually about can be daunting.

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Do you really need a doctor?

It’s Freshers week. And for many of our new students here at Lincoln, that may mean their first time living away from their parents. It may seem tempting to go to the doctors when you think you’re dying of your first Shuffle-induced hangover or the latest strain of the dreaded ‘freshers flu’, but trust us, […]

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#FreshLinc: Lincoln’s 2013 fresher’s line up revealed

This year’s fresher’s week kicks off the university year in style, with a whole host of big names performing at the Engine Shed. From comedians, to Famous DJs and pop icons, the start of Lincoln’s academic year is certainly not to be missed.

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Not-so-fresh freshers

From casual sex to heavy drinking, Tamsin Bickley explores how our attitudes and behaviour change once we become freshers.

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