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Election Night — hugs, tears and plenty of beers

The Linc’s special reporters bring you exclusive photos, highlights and impressions from the SU Elections 2009 Results party in the Tower Bar.

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Eye on SU Education Officer candidates 09

The Linc caught up with this year’s candidates for the University of Lincoln Students’ Union Education and Academic Affairs Officer position.

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Plenty of false alarm fires at student village

The Linc has learnt that since September 15th there have been thirty-eight call-outs to Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue from the Student Village. Only three of these were due to genuine fires, whilst the other thirty-five were all false alarms.

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Cheap alcohol’s unhappy hour

A Government report calls for legislation to set a fixed price on alcohol in a bid to encourage sensible drinking.

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Are you getting what you pay for?

The government are reviewing tuition fees, looking to push the cap up to £7,000 per year. The current cap is around £3,000.

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ID cards arrive for overseas students

Eleven nations in the European Union now have some form of ID card, even if they are not compulsory. Apart from the UK, the only members without any form of identity card scheme are Ireland, Denmark, Latvia and Lithuania.

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Free tickets to Lincoln City Night

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Imp’s Expert Eye

Lincoln City’s versatile full-back Paul Green talks to Aaron Scott about the Imps start to the season, Abu Dhabi’s multi-million pound takeover of Manchester City, his admiration for Andy Murray and Lewis Hamilton’s chances of clinching the F1 title.

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