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Just 12% of young people think politicians value their views, NUS poll reveals

In an National Union of Students poll of nearly 2,000 further and higher education students, only 12% agree that politicians value young people’s views – it has been announced.

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Opinion: “Politics will affect your life; the question is, do you want to affect politics?”

Guest columnist and Senior Lecturer of English Dr Owen Clayton gives his spin on young people voting and media bias in the run up to the 2017 general election. 

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Karl McCartney cleared of electoral fraud by CPS

Karl McCartney is among a number of Conservatives who were cleared of electoral fraud this morning by the Crown Prosecution Service.

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Opinion: Five reasons Karl McCartney won Lincoln

Karl McCartney speaks into various microphones and cameras

Adam Allcroft provides the Linc with the closest thing we’ve ever had to a ‘listicle’, analysing why Karl beat the pundits to stay MP for Lincoln.

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LIVEBLOG: Lincoln elections count

Asmund and Gregor, our news editors, are both at the Lincoln count for the parliamentary and local elections. They’ll update you via this liveblog and on Twitter.

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Candidate interview: Ross Pepper (Lib Dem)

The Liberal Democrats are in for a beating, if the polls are to be believed. However they are likely to hold several seats and might be part of a new coalition after the General Election. Their candidate in Lincoln, Ross Pepper, says liberal politics still have an important role to play.

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Candidate interview: Elaine Smith (TUSC)

Standing for the radical left party TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition), Elaine Smith’s number one mission is to end austerity, and secondly, to bring about socialism.

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Candidate interview: Lucy Rigby (Labour)

Over the last few decades, the race for the Lincoln seat has been close. In this General Election, Labour candidate Lucy Rigby is the bookies favourite, but not with any huge margin.

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Candidate interview: Helen Powell

The candidate from Lincolnshire Independents might shun traditional and “tribal” party politics, but she is crystal clear on the values shaping her views.

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Candidate interview: Nick Smith (UKIP)

Nick Smith, the United Kingdom Independence Party’s (UKIP) prospective parliamentary candidate for Lincoln chats with The Linc about hydrogen technology and how the EU is like the Soviet Union.

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