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Lincolnshire MP Stephen Phillips resigns over ‘significant policy differences’ with his own party

Stephen Phillips QC MP has resigned with immediate effect. Photo: UK Parliament/flickr

The Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) for the Lincolnshire constituency of Sleaford and North Hykeham, Stephen Phillips QC has resigned with immediate effect.

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NUS attack government over student loans

The chancellor announced that the Government would introduce loans of up to £10,000 for all postgraduate study.
Photo: Tristan Martin via flickr

Government officials have ruled out a review of the student loans system despite the recommendations made by a Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Select Committee, Asmund Lovdal reports. The NUS said the response by the government shows “worrying complacency.” Megan Dunn, NUS vice president (higher education), said: “It is outrageous that the Government are once again refusing to […]

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Tuition fees treble as university sit in continues

The House of Commons voted in favour of rising tuition fees, prompting the students who are currently occupying the university’s main building to stay there “indefinitely”.

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Let’s kick our state funding addiction

Are you addicted to state handouts?  Photo: Mike Hodges

The Spending Review didn’t go far enough and should have been the time to cut Britain’s addiction to benefits, argues Mike Hodges.

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Interns: the modern slaves?

The tea run is a large part of the dreary reality of the intern’s life. Photo: Mike Hodges

An opportunity to learn more about the world of work, or a chance to be exploited by businesses? Mike Hodges looks into the benefits of internships.

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Uncertainty as university reacts to latest HE cuts

The University of Lincoln helped out students who were caught up in the loans problems last year. Photo: Mike Hodges

Uncertainty looms over the University of Lincoln as to how it will be affected by cuts to new coalition government’s higher education budget.

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Smokers left out in the cold

New government health plans would extend the smoking ban to entrances to public buildings. | Photo: Anneka James

There’s a mixed response as banning smokers from the entrances of buildings could take the smoking ban one step further. Candi Hindocha looks at both sides of the argument.

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Smoking ban extension could be hit and miss

The government are proposing an extension of the smoking ban to stop smoking at the entrances of buildings. Photo: CC Saudi

A review of the smoking ban could move smokers away from building entrances, but students have a mixed reaction to the new guidelines.

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Student loan book for sale

Student Loans Company Headquarters, Bothwell Street, Glasgow. Photo: Student Loans Company

Mike Hodges argues that the Student Loan Book is no more than toxic debt, which is not as easy to sell as the government would have thought.

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Universities face fines over extra students admitted

Universities across the country may face fines because they broke a government imposed cap on new students. Lincoln says it complied with the guidelines, and is “well within” the limit.

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