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The questions you’ll DEFINITELY get asked based on what you study at uni

At university, there are always a lot of questions surrounding subjects we don’t know anything about, so Lifestyle Editor Becky Lancashire went out to get answers from people who’ve been there.

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Guardian leagues: Lincoln up 11 places, but still down on 2013

University of Lincoln staff are “delighted” after placing 54th out of 119 universities in the Guardian‘s 2016 university league tables, a rise of 11 places on the previous year.

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Students think their academic experience is poor value, says Which? report

Which? report: A Degree of Value

A report released by consumer watchdog Which? has questioned whether students in higher education get “a degree of value”.

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Lincoln charging £9,000 is ‘a flat-out mistake’

Lincoln joins the 9k club, but is university worth paying that much? Jack Dobson-Smith argues that although university is a choice, Lincoln made the wrong one.

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Lincoln students taking to streets again against education cuts

Lincoln students are taking to the streets again on Wednesday, December 8th, to continue expressing their disgust at the coalition’s plans for higher education.

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Charnley claims Lincoln MP ‘uneducated’ about higher education

Chris Charnley, Lincoln Students’ Union president, has labelled Karl McCartney, Lincoln’s Tory MP, “uneducated” about higher education.

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Lincoln MP hints at support for higher fees

Karl McCartney, Conservative PPC for Lincoln

Karl McCartney hints that he would support a higher cap on fees in an interview with The Linc, though he stopped short of explicitly stating his position.

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Clegg is a liar and he will pay at the ballot box

Scott Wheeler thinks Nick Clegg lied to his Sheffield constituents, many of whom are students, about his stance on tuition fees — and that he’ll pay for it come 2015.

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Browne review suggests no cap on tuition fees

No cap on fees, higher interest rates on repayments, and repayment threshold of £21k, says Lord Browne’s higher education spending review.

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Browne Review: updates as they happen

Want to know what’s going on with Lord Browne’s review? Check back here to keep up to date with what’s happening and who’s reacting to the report.

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