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Style Through The Decades: Women in the 1950’s

Photo Credit: Bess Georgette (Flickr)

The 1950’s were one of the most happening decades in the world of fashion.

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Style Through the Decades: Women in the 1940s

Photo: in pastel/Flickr

If you think of the term ‘vintage fashion’, it’s probably the clothing of the ’40s that springs to mind.

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Style Through the Decades: Men in the 1930s

With the 30's came a softer, more flexible suit. Credit: Wikipedia

The 1930s began with austerity and ended with conflict, but men’s fashion didn’t seem all that bothered.

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Style Through the Decades: Women in the 1930s

An example of the backless dress that became so popular

The carefree and liberated attitude of the 1920s that had so affected the style and cut of womenswear began to fade out by the end of 1930, as the Great Depression began to take effect.

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Lincoln’s best kept secrets


Lincoln has more to offer than meets the eye, writes Becky Lancashire.

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Win ticket to once in a lifetime Magna Carta exhibition

Lincoln Cathedral hosts one of only four remaining originals of the Magna Carta. In February you can be able to see them all together if you are chosen in a ballot. 
Photo: Barnyz via Flickr

One of the most influential documents in Lincoln and Britain’s history, the Magna Carta, will be on a special display in London early next year.

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Fancy hat! Fashion student shows off headwear

Headwear gets a chance in the limelight, as student Claudia Aliffe shows her hand-styled pieces off to The Linc.

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Claudia Aliffe: a student with initiative

Claudia Aliffe, a mature student at the University of Lincoln, is studying fashion. Jessica Brown looks at her designs and aspirations.

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Lincoln hosts week-long Book Festival

Lincoln shall be playing host of a five day book festival featuring authors from across the country.

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