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Why are ‘minority’ sports ignored by the media?

Should Golden Horns victory have been publicised more? Photo: Flickr via Paul

In a world of tough media competition, and immense pressures for the best pictures, the shocking headlines and the most views, clicks, or sales, it’s no surprise that media outlets worldwide have been forced into a frenzy of panic, sometimes leaving quality and variety further down their priority list than statistics.

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Frankie Dettori – the latest sportsman facing drugs scandal

Frankie Detorri  Photo: William Thomas

Following an inquiry made by the France-Galop, jockey Frankie Dettori is the latest sportsman to be facing a drugs scandal. Lucie Henson reports.

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The great debate: Frankel vs. Kauto Star

Frankel Photo: Charles Roffey

The retirement of two of horse racing’s greatest animals has dominated national press, but which of the two was best? Jack Harrison reports.

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