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Varsity report: Hull defeat Lincoln in the Women’s Volleyball

Hull defeated Lincoln 3-1 in the women’s volleyball after a thrilling encounter. Hull stormed the first set flying into an early 5-0 lead. Lincoln eventually managed to weather the storm but still fell to a 9-25 defeat in the first set.

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Humber Games 2014 – Live

It’s the Humber Games today. LincSport will kick off their coverage at 11am when the first results start coming in and then it’s a go go for a days compelling, sporting action. May the odds be forever in Lincoln’s favour. [liveblog]

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University confirms closure of Hull campus

The University of Lincoln has confirmed the closure of the Hull campus as a cost saving measure as a result of cuts to the higher education budget.

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Access of information failure for SU elections

The 2010 SU elections saw five positions unfilled and unconstested. Jack Dobson looks at the possible reasons why this happened, and what it means for the groups affected.

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