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VP Academic Affairs: One, two, three, four, five candidates

The role of Academic Affairs officer is hotly contested this year, with five candidates in the running for the position. It will also be important due to the higher education cuts and the upcoming rise in tuition fees.

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Student Council: officer blogs, new building and discrimination

Heated discussion on SU officer blogs, confusion over the new Business and Law Faculty building, and efforts to quell discrimination against students with difficulties were the big topics of the 9th Student Council.

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No surprises at the Students’ Union elections

Chris Charnley

The University of Lincoln Students’ Union election results are in, and there weren’t any real surprises, with the results conforming to The Linc‘s predictions.

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Student Council: printing and discrimination

Passing measures against discrimination of both disabled and homosexual students was the highlight of the eighth Student Council meeting of the academic year.

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Who will win the SU elections?

As the voting week for the SU elections starts on Monday, Jonathan Cresswell has an in-depth look at the numbers behind the candidates’ campaigns to predict the winners ahead of Friday’s results.

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Campaigns candidates plan to break student apathy

This year’s campaign officer candidates are highlighting the need to listen to what students actually want and creating better campaigns as a result.

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No ball-busting at the SU election hustings

The Students’ Union election hustings didn’t really offer enough of a chance for candidates to be scrutinised, and some candidates didn’t even turn up.

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Student Council: bursaries, printing and NUS delegates

The seventh Student Council of the academic year saw follow-up plans to bursary cuts, inequality between staff and students on printing, and two NUS delegates were elected.

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Death knell for university bursaries

Bursaries for all but the poorest of students are set to become a thing of the past next semester, as the University of Lincoln looks at ways to save money after harsh education cuts.

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Student Council: landlord accreditation and environmental impact policy

The first Student Council of the year discussed the new landlord accreditation system and passed an environmental impact policy without opposition.

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