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Lincoln SU apologise for inappropriate tweets

Lincoln SU advice centre (Photo: Gregor Smith)

Lincoln SU have apologised for their social media activity aimed at local MP Karl McCartney. After repeated criticism from McCartney over accusations of bias in the SU election, Lincoln SU used their official Twitter account to say “Zzzzzzzzzz!”.

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Karl McCartney hits out at SU elections

Karl McCartney will be under pressure to represent the 14,000 current students of Lincoln. Photo: The Linc

Karl McCartney has slammed the University of Lincoln Students’ Union for perceived bias in its current elections.

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McCartney’s name change could cost up to £15,000

Karl McCartney speaks into various microphones and cameras

Lincoln MP Karl McCartney’s name might cost the taxpayer up to £15,000 – all because he wants it to be spelt with a superscript ‘c’.

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McCartney responds over SU “tampon tax” allegations

Karl McCartney speaks into various microphones and cameras

Lincoln MP Karl McCartney has responded to criticism made by Lincoln Students’ Union last week over a parliamentary vote on the ‘tampon tax’.

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Opinion: Five reasons Karl McCartney won Lincoln

Karl McCartney speaks into various microphones and cameras

Adam Allcroft provides the Linc with the closest thing we’ve ever had to a ‘listicle’, analysing why Karl beat the pundits to stay MP for Lincoln.

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Two Lincoln parliamentary candidates shun university over speaker policy

Students can be the decicive factor for the Lincoln seat at the general election in May 2015, as the incumbant Tory MP only has a 5.9% majority.
Photo: FutUndBeidl via Flickr

Parliamentary candidates for both UKIP and the Conservatives have withdrawn from events at the University of Lincoln after refusing to sign an agreement for guest speakers.

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Government postpones cuts to Disabled Students’ Allowance

anti-cuts protesters outside the Bishop Grosseteste Students' Union building

Reforms to DSA, which currently supports 61,000 disabled students in higher education, have been postponed until after the next general election. Yet for the 2015/16 academic year, those with disabilities will have to start contributing their own money towards specialised equipment.

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Lincoln MP: rail improvements ‘might be announced imminently’

National Rail sign outside Lincoln station

“Positive news might be announced imminently” with regards to “improvements to the Castle service between Lincoln and Nottingham via Newark”, Lincoln MP Karl McCartney claims.

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Equal marriage march held in Lincoln


A march was held in Lincoln to celebrate the passing of the Government’s new bill allowing same-sex couples to marry. Rosie Kelly went along.

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Lincoln MP grilled by university students

The politics society hosted Karl McCartney on Wednesday as they took the chance to grill the local MP on tuition fees, local politics and his stance on the EU.

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