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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visits Lincolnshire

The leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn made a surprise visit to Lincolnshire at the weekend ahead of a parliamentary by-election in the county.

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Candidate interview: Lucy Rigby (Labour)

Over the last few decades, the race for the Lincoln seat has been close. In this General Election, Labour candidate Lucy Rigby is the bookies favourite, but not with any huge margin.

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Two Lincoln parliamentary candidates shun university over speaker policy

Parliamentary candidates for both UKIP and the Conservatives have withdrawn from events at the University of Lincoln after refusing to sign an agreement for guest speakers.

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Opinion: Support our mental health campaign

This week Lincoln Labour Students launched a campaign, ‘REVISE’, in order to introduce awareness of mental issues, reduce stigma, and improve services for mental health conditions both nationally and on campus, writes Karman Hussain, a member of Lincoln Labour Students.

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How students can decide next year’s election

                          Lincoln is a marginal seat and students can tip the scale if they chose to vote in Lincoln in 2015, writes Kamran Hussain

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Opinion: Devolution is best for Britain

Photo of Cameron and Salmond

The Scottish Independence Referendum has sent shockwaves around the rest of the United Kingdom and has opened up a whole new debate about a UK-wide devolution settlement, writes Kamran Hussain

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Labour Shadow Cabinet Minister helps Lincoln campaign

Written by Kelly Pyart and Gregor Smith.  Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary, Mary Creagh, visited Lincoln this Thursday to kick-start Labour’s local election campaign, speaking on a number of issues affecting both students and local people.

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Alastair Campbell exclusive

Alastair Campbell, one of the biggest names in politics from the last decade, speaks to The Linc about Iraq, expenses, New Labour, and the problems in British politics.

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Ed Miliband should be Labour’s next leader

Scott Wheeler thinks Ed Miliband should be the next leader of the Labour party and leader of the opposition, and outlines exactly why.

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Charnley and Derricott’s Labour love-in

Despite the SU telling students to support PPCs who’ve signed up to the NUS Vote for Students campaign, two elected officers are publicly endorsing a candidate who hasn’t.

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